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1. YobiChain

YobiChain is your very own private blockchain ecosystem preloaded with development tools, database, web & FTP servers and a simple blockchain application. View project on github

2. Blockchain security controls

There is an urgent need for a globally accepted security standard / framework for secure blockchain implementations. The PT-BSC (Primechain Technologies - Blockchain Security Controls) prescribes security controls for blockchain implementations. View project on github

3. YobiApps

YobiApps are a suite of blockchain apps built in php that can be readily deployed on Multichain. YobiApps include:

  1. PrimeVault, a simple blockchain powered document storage and retrieval system.
  2. PrimeContract, a simple blockchain powered system for digitally signng contracts.
  3. YobiWallet, a simple blockchain powered wallet for Yobicoins, a smart asset.
View project on github

4. Planned open-source projects

Open source projects planned for the next few months include blockchain powered solutions for:

  1. Auctions
  2. Authentication of land records
  3. Corporate finance bookrunning
  4. Depository receipts
  5. Escrow
  6. Fund portfolio management
  7. Healthcare
  8. Identity management
  9. Internet of Things
  10. Micro Insurance
  11. Peer to peer trading
  12. Regulatory reporting
  13. Securities servicing
  14. Securities settlement
  15. Supply Chain Management
  16. Voting

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