275 blockchain related patents to watch out for

A lot of very interesting patents relating to blockchain and distributed ledger technology have been filed (and granted) around the world. Here's a list of 275 of these patents in reverse order of filing / creation date (newest to oldest):


17 blockchain platforms - a brief introduction

This article introduces 17 popular blockchain platforms - BigChainDB, Chain, Corda, Credits, Domus Tower Blockchain, Elements, Eris, Ethereum, HydraChain, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Iroha, Hyperledger Sawtooth Lake, Multichain, Openchain, Quorum, Stellar and Symbiont Assembly.


7 steps to building a blockchain solution

This article introduces the 7 steps for building a blockchain solution - #1 Identify a feasible use-case, #2 Identify the most suitable consensus mechanism, #3 Identify the most suitable fabric, #4 Design the node, #5 Design the blockchain instance, #6 Design the APIs, #7 Design the admin and user interfaces.


The nuts and bolts of blockchain technology

Blockchain technology has earned the respect of Governments and banks around the world. This document provides a simple introduction to blockchain technology and briefly introduces terms such as cryptography, hash functions, proof-of-work, digital signatures, mining, merkle root. This document is intended for the novice reader and may suffer from errors inherent when a complex topic is (over?) simplified.


Blockchain Basics Bootcamp - Free course

Depending upon the hemisphere you live in, you probably think that blockchain is either the Rajnikant or Chuck Norris of all technologies. Thanks to the massive media coverage and billions of dollars of investments, blockchain is a word that almost everyone has heard.

But a lot of people don’t understand the mathematics behind this revolutionary technology. That's where this course comes in. In just a few hours you will learn the basics of blockchain technology.

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Blockchain Basics (Video)

Blockchain Basics from Rohas Nagpal

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